Monday, October 31, 2011

Tub of all tubs...

We are excited about our design ideas for a unique and contemporary bathroom.
This is our first piece. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Build of Winooski

From the industrial revolution to the age of the internet, the city has always both absorbed and promoted change.  It thrives on reinvention. Today, the North American city is enjoying an upswing in popularity. With budget surpluses being put into communitey assets, cities are again meccas for culture, business and residential use.  No longer are downtowns deserted at the end of the workday or on weekends, partly because fewer people are commuting out to the suburbs.  

The qualities important to the urban home are: character, craftmanship, nature and efficiency. Using Urban-design stratagies, we have begun the task of converting a mid 20th century community building into a modern 21st century home.

The City of Winooski, still in the middle of a revitalization, offers several challenges and opportunities for urban living. Taking up residence in the city involves sacrifices; privacy and peace and quiet. 

We will tackle both in what is soon to be: 
The Build of Winooski.

Welcome to THE LIBRARY.