Monday, September 10, 2012

End of This Chapter

The library Closing is scheduled for tomorrow.
The new owner will be moving in shortly!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seven Days

Seven Days' Photographer Matthew Thorsen checks out the shower...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dick and Libby's Tarwathie Cruising Log: Dirt

Dick and Libby's Tarwathie Cruising Log: Dirt: South Burlington, Vermont We are spending this week in an unusual state for cruising sailors.  We're playing in the dirt. Actually, we'r...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Everything Comes Together

Kitchen Aid double oven was a must! As was a 2 drawer dishwasher.

For the fridge, double doors plus a roomy slide out drawer.
The ice machine provides many options; including measured cold water.

The Kitchen comes together perfectly.

Some Like it Hot

The Shower door is installed

Cold Water

Warm Water

Sidewalk Time

The Doors are ready for Hanging

Pavers Put to the Test

During the intense thunderstorm last week
we witnessed the benefit of permeable pavers.
The water on the paved driveway flowed like a river to the street.
The water that landed on the pavers drained into the ground below.
(unlike the paved driveway, the water from the pavers
did not run into the storm drain.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stone Soup

For Starters: 14 Yards of Crushed Stone

Driveway Time!

Over 600 square feet of driveway and walkway to be installed.
To remove: over 7 dump truck loads of soil.
Luckily, we had 2 Winooski locals looking for clean fill.

Jake spends an entire day loading dirt into
Pete's dump truck, while Jen dumps the loads.

Eclipse Gray

Paint in Progress at the rear of the library

Clean Lines and Amazing Features

Amazing Water Pressure
& Unlimited Nozzle/Spray Combinations

The Bath of all Baths...

The Kitchen and Great Room Come Together

Quartz Countertop being installed

The finished Countertop and the built-in bookcase staining in progress.

After going back and forth with GMP, we decided not to install a fence around this monster. The lack of written requirements makes it unfeasible to build  around the box.  Instead, we painted it gray.

Transporting the tub from the warehouse to the library!