Friday, February 10, 2012

The Demo Continues

All upstairs shelving has been removed and given away.

Almost all of the sheet rock has been removed from the upstairs
Time to remove the framing, much of which we can use again.

The amount of space in the library seems to get bigger every day.

Final Load of Rug removed from the Upstairs. Gorilla Tape works great!

Except for the framing by the stairs (see below), which we will keep intact,
ALL sheet rock and framing have been removed from the upstairs.

 Four more loads of sheet rock and construction debris have 

gone to the Transfer Station. Flat fee for up 700 pounds.

Two loads of metal were brought to CSWD for recycling (no charge)
and one load of clean wood (also no charge).

Sorry to see the water fountain go, any buyers?!?  (the sink in the background is currently sitting on the front lawn with a FREE sign...) that didn't take long!

In the works.....
How to prep and clean the metal beams, and what kind of paint do we use? A 
Professional Coatings Representative from Sherwin-Williams is working with us to determine the best way to go.

Jake is working on the specs for the heating system and the ventilation; not to mention the electrical and plumbing specs!

Yesterday we agreed on the tile to be used for backsplash in the kitchen. And, we found the perfect counter top color for the library. Pics to follow shortly.

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