Sunday, February 19, 2012

Downstairs is now open - 2400+ pounds later.

The entire downstairs is now one big open room. All of the sheet rock, lights, and framing have been removed. Yesterday's weather was perfect for making trip after trip upstairs to load Pete's dump truck with construction debris. Pete tore it down and I loaded the truck. In order to dump the load at the transfer station, we had to get there before 1pm, closing time on Saturday.

With a 7am start, we filled the truck before noon. 2400 pounds later, we were back working at the library. We put a pile of scrap metal at the curb, as well as a bathroom sink. Hopefully it is gone by now. We still have a toilet to put at the curb, but by 4pm it was too heavy to remove. Why? My knees were begging me to "just say no".

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  1. As a Winooski native, I have so many memories of this building! I started going to the library with my mother as a baby & spent many many hours in the children's department before it was moved to the basement. I worked at the library from 7th-12th grade as a "page". My mom served on the Board of Trustees and later worked there as well.

    Thank you for documenting your progress!